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You don’t simply wear a
Tomato watch to tell time

Time connects us – but you don’t simply wear a Tomato Watch to tell time – you express with vibrant passion that your world is alive with the movement and interaction of fashion, friends and trends. Tomato watches speak a language that connects you to everyone and everything.

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Tomato is a fusion of fashion, flavour and distinctly youthful vibes.

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We create our own culture

For the past 20 years Tomato has always aimed to break for mould of traditional watch making. Our landscape collides with diversity and culture and yet we still aim to stand out, because we create our own rhythm.

Tomato watches celebrate choice and variety – we aim to cater to those who love to express their own individuality. With a splash of colour, the feel of a texture, and the fashion of life’s fickle ingredients you can be sure that Tomato Completes your Look.

We are Trendy

What’s in today, is gone tomorrow. Now is the time to live and love local.

We are Zesty

Splashes of colour, the feel of a texture, and the fusion of life’s fickle ingredients make us unpredictable and undeniably unique.

We are Young

Fresh and vibrant, we connect so vividly to the essence of our youth. We dare to never grow up, attempt the impossible and achieve it – because now is the time to play.

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